" This is hands down some of the best shaved ice I've ever had. The fresh fruit that is placed on top of every one is the perfect touch. The flavors are great, the ice cream is very good and the service is excellent! "

" Wow! This was the best shave ice ice ever had! Seriously love the natural approach to the syrups and the extra toppings of fruit and cream on top tipped the yummy scale OFF the charts!! Only a few days left here in Kauai and we'll definitely go back a couple more times "

" I love loco coco... besides the fact you can get it in a coconut ALL of the flavors are soo good. they are fresh and not fake, which makes a huge difference. it comes with a delicious real coconut cream and honey. mind you he also makes the honey himself! "

" Having spent 2 weeks on Kauai we tasted alot of SHAVE ICE stands and WAIKOMO was the best. The favors we awesome and the local honey cream topping was over the moon. The coco pine was excellent and the raspberry kalamansi was sweet and sour. Even comes with real fruit on top. This is the Michelin star of SHAVE ICE stands. "

"Gotta say this is the most unique and best shave ice I have ever had.... The coconut cup was pure genius."

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Waikomo Shave Ice Reviews

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